by from the album [ Knights & Angels ]
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My darling one
In the last rays of the sun
They couldn’t see you
They couldn’t feel you
They don’t know what they have done

Holy Mother
Full of grace
She collects the tears
From your beautiful face

What does it mean?
This fateful scene
Something changed
Forever changed
Your son, He came to set us free

Maria so full of grace
Carry Him home
You know the place

His eyes
His hands
His blood on the sand
He understands
He understands…

You prayed for Him
You called Him down
And he came to Thee
From the mystery
Your child of God walked upon the ground

Mother of love
You touched the sky
For each of us
He does not die
He lives in us
He lives in us

With the gift of sight
The endless night
Turns into day
I heard Him say:
“I am the light,
 I am the way”

Ocean flower
Heavenly star
I give my life
For who You are

His slender form
His crown of thorns
His wounds are Yours
His wounds are ours…

Knights & Angels, Pietà