Sacramental song

by from the album [ Thunderheart ]
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Sacramental song

Come and be with me, honey
The river she’s so pretty tonight
Under that blood red moon
In the indigo sky

I’ll light a fire for us
And we can talk about it all
If you like
Or just stay quiet
You had to kill me to Iive
I know that
But I’m all right
I’m all right

Shall we make tea, my love?
And break this bread
It was not me that you killed
But your image of me
And that’s OK
They were the bitterest herbs
That a man could taste
But I’ll swallow poison for you
If it sets you free

Do you remember
When we walked this way before?
We made a vow to each other
That we’d go all the way
And that we do

I have a song for you
And a rose, and a poem,
And a shawl, and a ring
It’s a sacramental song
That the angels sing

Well I paid in blood
And I paid in flesh
And I paid for us both
In the wilderness
I raise my head up high
And I stoop to bend
Every song I sing
Is a sacrament

It’s good that we meet, honey
It’s been a long time
Do you have children
And visions
And swords in the sky?
And from the tower
Did you see me go by?

‘It’s over’ you said,
Well it’s over for you
But it isn’t for me
I shall abide
To set you free
Jesus needed me
To feel his pain
And this I gladly do for Him
I won’t complain

It was brave of you
The day that you came
You stood like a warrior
With your eyes aflame
And killed me sweetly
Again and again
We both know it was arranged
By a higher hand
And because of that thing
We understand

Thank you honey
For everything
I’m so grateful to you
You gave me wings…
And this sacramental song
That the angels sing

Thunderheart, Sacramental song