Say goodbye beautifully

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Say goodbye beautifully

When you wake, wake thankfully
When you walk, walk boldly
When you dance, dance wonderfully
When you sing, sing joyfully
When you love, love passionately
When you pray, pray peacefully
When you fall, fall, gracefully
And when you say goodbye,
Say goodbye beautifully

Love is calling
Hear her song
Her song in your heart

I am falling
Falling in love
In love with who you are

Be here now
Celebrate the miracle
The miracle of your birth

Life is sacred
We are the seeds of love
Planted in the earth

Blessings on your journey
Everything is a learning
May love and light surround you
And be in and all around you

Be the change you want to see
Be the soul you want to be
There are no mistakes along the way
‘Cos every single thing is given in grace

When you trust, trust implicitly
When you believe, believe wholeheartedly
When you give, give everything
When you receive, breathe it in
When you commit, commit faithfully
When you accept, accept unconditionally
When you let go, let go bravely
And when you say goodbye,
Say goodbye beautifully

Peace be with you
Now and forever
Always in your heart

Blessings upon you
May angels guide you
Always follow your star

Night falls
Day breaks
The river is flowing
She knows who you are

Breathe in
Your life
Trust in love
And trust in the higher heart

When you intend, intend decisively
When you know, know with integrity
When you bow down, bow down blissfully
When you hear the word, listen silently
When you go, go adventurously
When you return, return bountifully
When you say hello to who you are now,
Say hello royally
And when you say goodbye to who you were
Say goodbye beautifully

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, Say goodbye beautifully