Secret beauty

by from the album [ Calvary Hill ]
2 minute read

Secret beauty

Deep in your eyes
Are the skies
And the stars
And the moon
And the night
And the mystery of the truth
About love and desire
And creation
And the fire
And about you…
And your secret inner life

And when I take both your hands
And I hold them in mine
And I’m stroking your fingers
So slender and fine
What creation is this
That was hewn with a kiss?
Your secret beauty
Your grace and your gift

Know thy truth
Know thou this

Your brow is high and fine
And now your hair is all undone
Your ears are like embryos
Little babies in the sun
There’s a lion in your heart
There’s an arrow in your bow
And this is you…
Miraculous to know

I kiss the nape of your neck
And then I hear what you sing
And I pull you close to me
So I can touch your angel wings
And I kiss your parted lips
And you let me put my hands upon your hips
And your secret beauty
Is revealed to me

You are love
You are this

I saw who you were
Right from the start
‘Cause I could see
The unseen world in your heart
So I believed in you
Beyond the blood
And I fell in love
I fell in love

There was a time 
Before time
When you and I
Were divine
And then we tumbled through the sky
Towards the song of our birth
And our rhapsody upon this earth
And our sweet goodbye
Our separation

But I never forgot you
And I came to set you free
And I waited for the moment
When you would remember me
And I gave you a red rose
And you looked into my eyes
And from your secret beauty
You recognised me

I know thee
And thou knowest me

So we return to the sun
When the work is all done
And we who were parted
Once again become one
It’s a mighty rough road
You are in heaven betrothed
Your secret beauty
Will take you home

Never doubt me, my love
As I do not doubt thee
Nought can come between us
Love is our sanctuary
We made a vow to be true
And we shed blood to make it through
’Twas your secret beauty
That led me to you

Know thou this
Know thou this

Calvary Hill, Secret beauty