Silently spinning

by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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Silently spinning

I go to work and then I come home
I go and fetch some things from the store
I don’t mean this in a crazy kind of way
But I don’t know who I am any more

I like what I do and I love my life
I can open and close any door
But sometimes I feel I’m silently spinning
Through the night sky to some distant shore

I watched you for a moment when you were sleeping
I was awoken by a chill
The silver clouds they knew you were dreaming
Your waters deep and still

I know you but I don’t know you
A turquoise bird upon my sill
And you…
You just keep on silently spinning
Like the moon upon the hill

Don’t go, stay and walk with me
Through the trees
To the spring
To the source
By the well
Let’s drink the water…
Let’s drink the water

My friend, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you
I’m glad you came on by
I wanted to show you something really special
I just saw it in the sky

Let me put my hand upon your heart
It’s not visible to the naked eye
Did you feel the kiss that set your life in motion
Spinning silently inside?

Serpent in Paradise, Silently Spinning