Song of the blue lotus

by from the album [ Falling Through Time ]
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Song of the blue lotus

I beheld a timeless lake
Silent in her truth
Shimmering ‘neath the moon
Singing me her tune
And in the morning sun
Ten thousand flowers blue
Almost violet in their hue
Indefinable, in truth

Fragrant like no other flower
Perfumed in unearthly power
Eternal secrets stir the trees
Her kiss blown gently on the breeze…

And if you breathe her in
You cross a timeless sea
Her ancient mystery
Makes sense of all you seek
But once your boat sets sail
You cannot journey home
Truths already sewn
Blossom in your soul

Whosoever finds this flower
Sees before them their true power
Isis, Mary, Abraham,
Nature, science or son of man

Love has many tongues
She speaks through songs and flowers
There are portals all around
In the sky and underground
But the sweetest song I’ve heard
Was silent in her truth
Shimmering ‘neath the moon
Ten thousand flowers blue

Drunk with joy her sacred scent
Became a holy sacrament
When she revealed to me her face
Time stood still in her embrace

A cosmic essence so refined
A distillation of the heart Divine
This flower speaks of higher things
This flower loves you when she sings…

Falling Through Time, Song of the blue lotus