Song of the cross

by from the album [ Mystic Heart ]
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Song of the cross

Light upon the world
Love is my Messiah
Tears that turn to pearls
My heart’s on fire

Beyond the mysteries
And unto every star
O I could never be
Never be
Apart, from Thee

Mary, Mary
Mother who didst carry me
Mary Mary
Angel of Galilee
Love is our family

O land of darkening light
Where angels cry
Elijah dressed in white
Be by my side

Gift of a broken heart
You’ve come for me this hour
Thou art infinity
And my divinity and power
Is Thee

Eli Eli
Lama sabacthani
Eli Eli
Hast Thou mistaken me?
Hast Thou forsaken me?

Thou hast taken me.

Mystic Heart, Song of the cross