Song of the morning

by from the album [ Open Secret ]
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Song of the morning

Written in 1981, and not added to the album “Open Secret” until it was re-released in 2009

The scent of her hair
Fresh like the morning mist
Soft as the sunrise
It brushes my lips

The dew of the daybreak
Sends the chill of waking
Through her soul
Warming sunlight
Shines on her smile

Only you and I
And the wind and the sky
And the sweet lullaby
Of the night as it passes

Rub the sleep from my eyes
Kiss the girl good morning
And catch a leaf from the cradle
Where we lay last night

Only you and I
And the faintest of cries
As the song of the night
Disappears in the morning

I’d sooner have this day
Than a ruby ring or jewelled crown
The sapphire sky
Is gem enough for me

Open secret, Song of the morning