Spirit breathing

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Spirit breathing

Life is our in-breath
Love is our pillow
Truth is our diamond mind
And faith is our arrow

You showed me where the angels meet
And all the dreams they’re weaving
We come, we go, we come again
It’s only spirit breathing

Gently we gather
And softly we are sewing seeds
Between being and becoming
Sometime born and sometimes scattered leaves

Your smile is worth a thousand prayers
And your kisses made my life sweeter
We sleep, we sigh, we rise and fall
It’s only spirit breathing

With your drum of war, and your dove of peace
And your angry poems, and your silent pleas
I love you for who you are
I love you for who you are

Like a chick that follows the mother hen
You march into Jerusalem
But I’m not judging, that could be me
I’m not judging, that could be me

Sometimes I wonder
Should I lead or should I follow?
There’s a light on the mountain-top
Where a bright star fell in sorrow

I take it as a higher truth
An Archangel descending
And the weeping Madonna
When you kneel and pray
It’s only spirit breathing

So tell me my darling
D o you know why you loved me?
There was a spirit that moved in you
And you passed on a message to me

And I in turn gave a gift to thee
And we sanctified our meeting
We live, we love, we lay, we leave
It’s only spirit breathing
It’s only spirit breathing

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