State of grace

by from the album [ State of Grace ]
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State of grace

Come in my friend, you’ve travelled so far
Rest up awhile, come and be by the fire
Those things that you mention
When you got snagged on the wire
Please forgive yourself, and open your heart
You’re always welcome here
Just come as you are

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
When I am in this place
I see your state of grace
And I feel your grace in my heart

It’s a fine line ‘twixt above and below
Sometimes we ascend, and sometimes we fall
There’s a golden thread
That unites us all
And in the end
We come to know
Our golden self
Our state of grace

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
There is no time and space
In this state of grace
When I feel your grace in my heart

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
There is no other place
That I would rather be
Than in your state of grace, eternally

We are fragments of the same soul
We are all angels on the endless road
Every once in a while if I pause to reflect
I get taken up high to re-connect

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
You take my pain away
To live another day
Another day in your grace

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
I am at home in Thee
You are my sanctuary
I feel your merciful kiss
Upon my face

Ave, Ave, Maria, Maria
One of your beautiful names
Divine Mother of love
You are my holy dove
And my state of grace

State of Grace, State of grace