Stay close

by from the album [ Knights & Angels ]
1 minute read

Stay close

Go your way
I bless the day
That I met you again
In this life

Honey, I’ll stay close
I hear your voice
In the church of my heart
I’ll stay close

I get the train back home
I couldn’t be damned by anyone sweeter
The moon hangs low upon the hill
Where you live
Across the river

Honey, I’ll stay close
And face that old ghost
I’ll shine a light on my past
And I’ll hold fast

You play your role to perfection
It was what we agreed in heaven
Love, leave, kill
It opens me up to God’s will

My street never sleeps
And the Holy Mother weeps
A vision in blue, like you
What wouldst thou have me do?

I’ll stay close
To what I know
I won’t let go
I’ll stay close

The silence was deafening
Until I heard the sound of your old pain
Then I knew that you had found a way
Of staying close

So honey, you stay close
To your truth
In God we trust
To stay close to us

Knights & Angels, Stay close