Sweet dreams of the ancient ways

by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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Sweet dreams of the ancient ways

The sweetest dreams
Of the ancient ways
Are kept alive
Inside a wave
The beating drum
And gilded yoke
It breathes on you
With holy smoke

Could you ever doubt
Your midnight sacrifice
Upon the altar
Of your secret paradise?
The sweetest dreams
The sweetest dreams…

I flew beyond
The fading moon
And caught an arrow
That was meant for you
Inside my kiss
And with my strong eye
I gave it to you
With a battle cry

Could you ever doubt
That you are beautiful?
I saw your shadow
Inside the cathedral
Of your dark heart
Your sweet heart

You close your eyes
That’s all it takes
To see inside
Your heart
The eyes of infinity

A frozen fire
The endless wait
Your royal appointment
At heaven’s gate
All swirling clouds
And a world between
The sky did open
And you flew in

Could you ever doubt
The serpent in your blood?
The sacred wine
The ancient sacrament
Of your sweet dreams
Your sweet dreams

My song has wings
To fly below
The vampire moon
The body blow
The naked truth
The master’s whip
The unknown cargo
Upon your ship

Could you ever doubt
This heart was carved for you
Upon that oak
That will become part of you?
And your sweet dreams
Your sweet dreams

Serpent in Paradise, Sweet dreams of the ancient ways