by from the album [ O Great Spirit ]
2 minute read


I found a way to channel the moon
And I found a way to bring some back for you
And I found heavenly flowers on earth, my love
And that the sun beyond our sun is blue

I built a temple for your heart
And a cathedral for your precious soul
And I raised a nation with these hands
And moved a mountain before I got old

And now at last I’ve found a place
Just to be with you and pray
To offer up my gratitude
For all your signs along the way

I feel eternal as I spin around
In life & death, rebirth and living
I feel completion in this sacred place
And I offer you thanksgiving

I remember when the stars were stars
And when the day was just an ordinary day
And I remember when the river was the river
And everything was in its place

And then the stars became the flowers
And the river became the night
And the day became the mountain
And nothing in the world made sense

But I wouldn’t have it any other way
Because this was how I came to find You
And now everything is back in place
And everything is truly untrue

I trust in angels, science and herbs
And cosmic law for the living
But the thing that heals my heart the most
Is the simple act of thanksgiving

I cut flowers and I cut my hair
I make a harvest from theology
I fetch the water from the source, my love
And every day I set my feelings free

And somewhere down below
So deep that it becomes above
There’s a jewel with your name engraved
Written in the language of love

And now I understand this thing
I realise why the Buddha laughs
There is only now, and always now
A keepsake for my heart

And if I could I would never leave
This place where I started living
Where the thing that heals my heart the most
Is to offer You thanksgiving

O Great Spirit, Thanksgiving