The bringer of miracles

by from the album [ Knights & Angels ]
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The bringer of miracles

By the light of the heavens
And the heartbeat of the earth
Come ye to bear witness
To such a love giving birth?

In the madness of the moonlight
And the symmetry of the stars
Behold the bringer of miracles
For the fragile, faithful heart

And how fare thee, my love?
How fare thee?
Be ye free, my love?
Be ye free?
Shall ye come to the mountain?
Shall ye come to the sea?
Shall ye bring flowers
For thy lover and me?

I saw three angels crying
As they opened up the sky
One was for mercy
And one was for the light

And one for humanity
For we be known by our fruits
Behold the bringer of miracles
Behold the bringer of truth

Dost thou know, my love?
Dost thou see?
Dost thou feel free, my love?
Dost thou feel free?
He cometh lovingly
When He cometh to thee
And She cometh so tenderly
When She cometh to me

The bringer of miracles

Time is
That we
Come to
Know love

A hero is one
Who holds on one moment longer
So hold on my darling

To love…

Canst thou feel the joy?
The rejoicing in the stars?
Canst thou see the beauty?
Canst thou feel it in thy heart?

We have to ready ourselves
Lest we be overwhelmed
For the bringer of miracles
And the wedding bells

I choose thee, my love
I choose thee
And thou chooseth me, my love
Thou chooseth me

Thy heart is Jerusalem
The blessed gate of peace
For the bringer of miracles
Bringest thou to me

Knights & Angels, The bringer of miracles