The finer points of love

by from the album [ Gospel of Love ]
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The finer points of love

Virtue is on trial before the judge Naked on a wire above the flood

She believes in love She believes in truth She believes in me She believes in you

She believes in the good She believes in the just She believes in mercy She believes in trust

Mother, child and woman be she Lover, healer, champion of the free

The finer points of love she knows The golden gift of grace she knows The bringer of life and death she is Angel, dove and thorny rose

If I could choose, I would choose to serve But it’s not my choice, so I wait for her And I pray for her, and I pray to know The finer points of love

Nought is understood And nought is known You will search for me But where I go you cannot go

Little child, O little child I am with you yet a little while

These bones of youth shall die in sin Yet thy greater part shall live again

Touch me not, touch not my robe From now touch through thy faith alone

The finer points of love he knows The golden gate of peace he knows Immortal are they who come to know The hero of the sun

If I could choose I would sacrifice Knowing not the mystery of thy paradise I pray to thee, in faith, to know The finer points of love

Gospel of Love, The finer points of love