The flight of the songbird

by from the album [ Sirius ]
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The flight of the songbird

I see you
As I do my day
I see you smile
I hear you laugh
Though you’re so far away

I feel you
Like you’re standing there
I feel your kiss
Upon my neck
And your hand in my hair

I know
You have to do your own life
The way you want…
Your own style…
Without me there by your side

And that’s cool
That’s what I’d wish for you
Although I’d always hoped
This boat
Could carry two

I’ve let go
Of all the things
That bound us together
In a bad way
I’ve let them all go

I’ve even burned
Your last letter to me
And put the ashes in a bottle
In the river
To set you free

Last night
As I fell asleep
And left this world
For another
You were there again in my dreams

And each dawn
When I wake up again
I listen
For your breathing
But the songbird has flown

We did some things
And we did them well
We both banished
Some demons
And we broke some spells

I flew with you
And I sang with you
And I slept
And I wept
And I gave thanks with you

There is no ‘why’
And there can be no ‘because’
In the panic
Of existence
You forgot who I was

Or maybe
You just don’t love me
But I won’t
Go there…
That’s not what I see

All I know is
That I found God through you
I love you
So much
It was the only healing I knew

And I pray
That you will find your way home
It’s to love…
It’s to love
That the songbird has flown

Sirius, The flight of the songbird