The golden thread

by from the album [ State of Grace ]
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The golden thread

I’ll take you to the mountain-top, my love
We’ll ride the fiery chasm
Like archangels in the sky
All this will be accomplished
As you place your hand in mine
The dance between the vessel
And the light will never end
And the wonder of it all
Is the eternal golden thread

I’ll take you to the castle-wall, my love
We’ll steal into the banquet
Dressed as jesters in the throng
I may be the singer
But it’s you who has the song
Perfection is a tyrant
Who would rather have us dead
But the mystery of it all
Is the unbroken golden thread

Love me in the morning
Love me with your perfect honesty
And trust me to deliver
All the love songs that you sent

Love me in the evening
Love me like your perfect love-child
And trust me when I tell you
That I’ve seen your golden thread

I’ll take you to the willow-tree, my love
We’ll find the double-helix
That reveals our bag of tricks
And there beside the tombstone
We can steal a moonlight kiss
The covenant is a scripture
Still unwritten and unsaid
And the beauty of it all
Is the connecting golden thread

Many are the sailors
Who’ve been shipwrecked by beliefs
And by ideals that just oppress
And squeeze the life blood from their souls

And many are the soldiers
Who have fallen
In the frozen fields of battle
Bewildered by the noise

I’ll take you to the waterfall, my love
And from there we travel south
Until we reach the holy cross
We have to travel lightly
And let go of what we’ve lost
Take with us only silhouettes
And silence for our bed
And the strangeness of it all
Is the secret golden thread

State of Grace, The golden thread