The lightning seed

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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The lightning seed

I invoke the angels
Of the water
Of the air and of the sky
Of the daybreak
Of the moon glow
Of the meaning of a life

Lord be with me
Lord be with me
Heaven help me
In my hour of need
Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Plant in me the lightning seed

Let us gather
Bring your children
Show them how to build the fire
Sing of shadows
Sing of silver
Sing we in our unearthly choir

Lord have mercy
Lord have mercy
Heaven help us
In our hour of need
Lord be with me
Lord be with me
Plant in us the lightning seed

Ashem vohu
Vahishtem asti
Ushta asti
Ushta ahmai

Holiness is the best of all good
And this is also happiness

I invoke the magi
Of the temples
Of the great eternal flame
Of the mountain
Of the sea-shore
Of the crowded market place

Know we justice
Truth and order
Loving kindness in all deeds
Know we love
And prayer in action
Know we of the lightning seed

We are creatures
Of great conflict
Violence and brutality
I pray you enter
This dimension
And plant in us the lightning seed

In the temple
Of our soul
Our thoughts and words
And every deed
Make up a life of holiness
Right action is the lightning seed

The Blessing & The Bliss, The lightning seed