The power of love

by from the album [ Open Secret ]
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The power of love

Written in 1979, and not added to the album “Open Secret” until it was re-released in 2009

He walks alone
In chains of the night
She makes no sound
Like a faun in starlight
Dreams haunt him
He weeps
Like swords
In the softness of sleep

His heart is pure
And her arms hold him tight
The gift of wings
And the power of flight
Fall from the oceans of sky
And she cries
To him:
“Let me fly…”

The blade of steel
Draws blood on her sheets
His desert soul
Is in flames at her feet
Then rain pours down
On the sands
Into the mirage of love
In his hands

Their roots entwine
In a fatal embrace
She whispers words
And caresses his face
She swears:
“For as long as I live
I won’t stray, one day
Away from your heart….”

But the power of love
Can fracture a flower and kill
There are some things
It just can’t withstand
Like roots that tangle until
The flower dies
And it will

And the power of love
Is it masterpiece or fake
You will never find out
If you think love is
Just give and take
No, give it all
Never take…

Open secret, The power of love