The road home

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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The road home

Well, It’s a long road
To the maker
To your lover
Coming home

I see you struggle
Here, let me help you
Let me carry
Some of your load

Let’s walk together
I’ll be beside you
We can talk a bit
About our lives

It seems like forever
That we’ve been travelling
Another sunrise
In the sky

Why are you crying?
Are you weary?
Maybe you didn’t
Expect any help

Tell me your story
Tell me your sorrows
Tell me your triumphs
Unburden yourself

Tell me your history
If you want to
Did you find meaning
Through it all?

That’s a big question
I’m glad that you’re smiling
It might take a while
So let’s just walk

I feel I know you
I know where you’re going
You have a good heart
And an honest face

I like your humour
It becomes you
Sounds like you’ve seen a lot
Along the way

Do you believe in
The afterlife?
Do you believe in
This life we have?

Is there a God for you?
Is there a devil?
Is there an angel?
Is there love?

So then my friend
What say you we rest now?
Let’s make a fire
And break some bread

I’m glad that I found you
You’re on the right road
Lay down this blanket
And make your bed

If you’ll forgive me
I’ll be gone awhile
At night I travel
To other realms

But I’ll be back for you
By the morning
You’ll be safe here
Then we’ll travel on

Sacred Songs, The road home