The shepherd

by from the album [ Sacred Songs ]
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The shepherd

The shepherd waits
At the gate of souls
Talking to the angels

He is watchful
He is kind
All day long

At night he sleeps
With the lion and the lamb
By a fire as sweet as a wild rose

He is Spirit
He is Love
He’s my watchful shepherd

My shepherd waits
At the river’s edge
Blessing all earth’s children

She is patient
She is kind
All night long

By day she roams
With the spirits of the heart
Through the forest on her stallion

She is Nature
She is Love
She’s my faithful shepherd

There’s a place I know
In another realm
I was born there and I’ll die there

Between the worlds 
I close my eyes
My shepherd takes me there

It is not a dream
It’s a journey of intent
There’s a temple, white in the pale moon

There I’m sacred
There I’m whole
There I am the shepherd

Sacred Songs, The shepherd