These are the days

by from the album [ Spirit Songs ]
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These are the days

These are the days
When the very last rays
Of the sun disappears
And the leaves fall

These are the times
I give thanks for my life
My existence
And all that I feel for

At night on the path
I gaze up to the stars
And then
I know that you love me
I am free
To see
To dream
To breathe
To feel you all around me

These are the days
When my struggles for grace
Take me closer to Thee
And I lose myself

These are the moments
When the world seems so barren
But under the earth
There lies new life

I see the vapour of my breath
Each one a little death
Each soul
A star in the galaxy
I am free to live
I am free
I am…

I offer you all
That is still mine to give
My soul, my song
My mystery

I came to this earth
To know how to live
I am blessed
By all that you wish for me

These are the days
When the debts are repaid
And the promises
Come to fruition

When the harvest is in
And my song is a hymn
These are the days
Of salvation

Spirit Songs, These are the days