by from the album [ Thunderheart ]
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Thunderheart! Thunderheart!
See the message in the stars

The word is love, the word is real
Time to prosper, time to heal

Thunderheart! Thunderheart!
The time has come to make a start

Mother earth and father sky
Now shalt we heal Thee
Within this life

Feel the peace, feel the love
Hear the message from above

The journey’s long, the day is young
The moon is bright, the water flows
The flowers grow!
What more do we need?

I love the way you come & go
I love the way you walk and talk
I love the way you say goodbye
And then reach for me

The time has come
To fall in love with everything
The angels pray, the angels dance
The angels trust in us and sing

The time has come
To live without duality, we’re not apart
The new Jerusalem is here in our heart

Thunderheart! Thunderheart!
Love is amongst us! Thunderheart!

Make your bed! Make your vow!
The new Jerusalem is with us now!

The time has come to love
The time has come to heal
The time is now…
There is no time
There’s only what we feel

There’s no surrender but…
Well, I surrender, and
I will lay down my life
And offer it to Thee

I remember like it was yesterday
And I remember that I was you
And you were me, and we were free

The time has come to live as one
To live in truth, to live in peace
To live in love, to live like
Lovebirds in a tree!

The time to sleep, the time to bleed
The time to hide, the time to fear
That time has gone
The time has come for love.

Thunderheart, Thunderheart