Time of spiritual emergency

by from the album [ Serpent in Paradise ]
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Time of spiritual emergency

When I come home
I’ll fix us something to eat
And we’ll see what’s on TV…
A reality show
Or crazy comedy…
Sometimes we think about leaving here
But our kids are settled
We both grew up not far away
And it’s be hard to leave this town

But it’s getting harder
To get by
‘Cause every system’s in excess
And overloading
Don’t know if we’ll be safe here
There’s so much inequality
People are suffering
And angry
And hurt
And I fear for our future

This religious problem in the world
Some people have a conviction
That’s like a passion
That’s like a certainty about God
And I’ve felt that feeling myself
But it was a madness
Of my spirit
Born of private grieving
When I feared for my future

And the sun turns away from the moon
And love is being overrun by truth
And the Anti-Christ arrives
When man claims the light of life
It isn’t evil you see
It’s a mistake in history
And a well-intentioned man
Can harm his brother and not understand

There are two paths to the heart
Truth and love, sun and moon
And there are dangers on each one
Love without truth is just delusion
And truth without love is inhuman

So now’s the time of spiritual emergency
I’ve felt it coming for quite a while
Like some ancient prophecy
It’s such a paradox
Everything is working
And failing
And whole and broken too
And I fear for our future

In the dead of night
I hear my children breathing
The sweet smell of sleep
And each unknown dream
A mythic masterpiece
To make poverty history
I’d have to start at home
With my dark heart
And learn to live
With my own mystery
And so I pray for my future

Serpent in Paradise, Time of spiritual emergency