Touched by Christ

by from the album [ Songs for a More Meaningful Life ]
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Touched by Christ

Why do I love you the way that I do?
Why did I vow to stay close to you?
I cannot forget what you did for my life
I was touched by your presence
I was touched by the Christ

I was there in my world trying to make my own way
Dreaming of redemption, but getting on with my day
I met robed ones and royal ones, and teachers of the light
But you without knowing it
You were touched by the Christ

You still had your problems
You still had your fight
And to the rest of the world
You were no being of light

Sometimes nervous, and lonely
Sometimes quick to take flight
But your karma dictated
You be touched by the Christ

There’s a gateway to heaven most soul’s don’t believe
I even doubted it myself until you came for me
And it’s not that you’re Jesus or Mary in disguise
But you’re close to the master
And you are touched by the Christ

What is it about you? It’s an atmosphere of love
Well, I wanted some of that… who could ever get enough?
What is it about you? You just get on with your life
But the difference is that everything gets touched by the Christ

So that’s why I vowed to stay close to you
I loved you so much I wanted to look out for you
To protect you, and honour you, and stay close to the light
It’s a special situation, it’s not an ordinary life

When Jesus was walking in the promised land
There were 5,000 at first and only 12 at the end
And one of them doubted, and one of them denied
And one of them betrayed
Still they were touched by the Christ

So this is our Passion, this is our Grail
I can never betray you, I just cannot fail
But I’ve learned to release you from ties that still bind
When you touched me, my darling, I was touched by the Christ

Songs for a More Meaningful Life, Touched by Christ