Until we meet again

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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Until we meet again

Go well
My eternal friend
God bless you, honey
Until we meet again

We were born
Inside the sun
Baptised in spirit
By the thunder drum

You are my vow
My third degree
My demon lover
My prophecy

But now it’s time
To make tracks
Just keep the faith, honey
And don’t look back

Go well
My eternal flame
My fellow pilgrim
My passion play

This life
Is the life
And so it is done…
The sacrifice

We were there
Inside the waves
We were there
In the ancient caves

We were there
In the mystery school
A vestal virgin
And a holy fool

We carried the arc
Through the exodus
We beheld our father
By the burning bush

We were there
With the thorny crown
You washed His feet
And I took Him down

Go well
My own true love
My blood red rose
My holy dove

Time to perform
Your magic trick
Before my very eyes
You disappear

I pay no heed
To breaking news
Or Chinese whispers
About me and you

Two small lies
For every truth
And there you have it
The witch’s brew

Long ago
There came a time
To turn the water
Into wine

But I just heard
Through our mutual friend
That now’s the moment
To turn it back again

Go well
My eternal flame
Goodbye my lover
Until we meet again

You are my gospel
My hour of need
My crazy mission
My faith and creed

You are my Christ
And my lion heart
You are my prophet
And my Joan of Arc

You are my child
And my slave in chains
My unfinished poem
My life in flames

You cleave to me
As our boat goes down
Don’t worry, honey
I won’t let you drown

I feel your warmth
I feel your pain
I hear your silence
I sing your name

My partner in crime
My co-conspirator
My valentine

Go well
My faithful one
My deep-sea diver
My smoking gun

My muse, and dance
Of the seven veils
My still-life drawing
My bed of nails

My dearest friend
God bless you, honey
Until we meet again

The Blessing & The Bliss, Until we meet again