by from the album [ Falling Through Time ]
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I look both near and I look afar
Two visions of Thy pure creation
By the same hand light and dark
The kiss of earthly incarnation

I see an astral paradise
With angels and archangels flying
I see the brutal, blackened life
With all the motherless children crying

And I will take this to my heart
And try to comprehend Thy love
How best to understand
These visions

I know this song is a million miles
Away from things that might concern me
Like trying to earn enough to get by
Not trying to solve the universe

But something pulls me to a truth
With a crazy, calm, unquiet insistence
Because I see behind this wound
The loving cauldron of Thy existence

And I am grateful for the knife
That pierced my heart and gave me life
And helps me to understand
These visions

I build temples to the skies
In my wild, primeval chaos
But some new spark of the Divine
Stirs within my consciousness

Then closer to my human heart
To love this life like my own daughter
‘I am’ becomes instead ‘Thou art’
In life and death, and food and water

In poetry and politics
In science and all relationships
I try to understand
These visions

Falling Through Time, Visions