by from the album [ Butterfly in Chains ]
2 minute read


I am waiting
For the vision
To see

I am waiting
For the gunfire
To cease

I am waiting
For the wisdom
Of youth

I am waiting
For beauty,
And truth

When I’m sleeping
And believing
I am dreaming
I see you weaving
I hear you breathing

In the great somewhere
In the somewhere
In the somewhere
Is you

I am waiting
For the word
With a good heart

I am waiting.
I am ready
To do my part

I am waiting
By the fork
In the road

Here let
Me help you
Carry your load

The meaning
Of your being
is the meaning
Of my being
Is the meaning
Of all being

Who could
Ever bless you
Then deny you?
Ever kiss you
And then kill you?
Who could
Ever not love you?

How is it
That you know me?
That you show me?
That you chose me?
That you hold me?
That you heal me?
That you love me?

How is it
That you tend to me?
You remember me…
You remember me

I am waiting
For the grace
To forgive

I am waiting
For the chance
To truly live

I am walking
Right beside you
All the way

What is love
Except to give it
All away?

You touched me
And you held me
And beheld me
And redeemed me
And forgave me
You forgave me…

And I touched you
And I knelt with you
And I heard you
And felt you
And I love you
I love you

And I thought
I was waiting
To be ready
To behold you
To be with you…
To be with you

But now I see
That all the time
So patiently
It was you who was
For me

Butterfly in Chains, Waiting