Walking with Jesus

by from the album [ Gospel of Love ]
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Walking with Jesus

When I was 5 years old I had a vision, alone in my room Jesus came through the wall With thousands of children

They were all in white And marching into Jerusalem And in that moment I was Him, And I was me, and I was them

No-one had told me about Him It just came from my heart It only lasted a second or two But it laid out before me my life path

I cried because it was so powerful And I cried because I was alone And I cried because it was so beautiful And I wanted to go home

And I’m walking with Jesus into the light I’m walking with Jesus through the night I’m walking with Jesus upon the sea I’m walking with Jesus… you and me

How can you say there is no God? How can you tell me there’s no higher love? Who gave you the tongue to curse me with? Who gave you the free will to choose to live?

Who believes in you even when you don’t believe in Him? Who forgives you even before you screw-up and sin? Who breathed your name into flesh; into time & space? Who gave you your divinity, your goodness and your grace?

And I’m walking with Jesus in the sun And I’m walking with Jesus and we are one And I’m walking with Jesus on the moon I’m walking with Jesus… me and you

I don’t need a church, I AM a church I don’t need to pray, I AM that prayer I don’t need to trust, I AM that trust And I don’t need to love you… You ARE that love

I’m not an evangelical, I don’t have religion to sell I havn’t come to condemn, or to judge, or to cast you into hell. You know in your own heart if you break the covenant with yourself. Redemption is in your own hands, and if you want I can walk with you and help.

As I got older I realised a lot of things Beauty, truth and goodness, these are what make my heart sing. And I realised that heaven is not a place, but a feeling, And that Jerusalem, the gate of peace, Is a state of being.

And I’m walking with Jesus every day And I’m walking with Jesus all the way Just who is your Jesus, I hear you say? He’s that part of you who never strays

Gospel of Love, Walking with Jesus