We are one

by from the album [ O Great Spirit ]
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We are one

Listen to the sound of your own name
A spirit brought you to this earthly plane
Follow, follow until you reach the source
Upon your ever faithful winged horse

Remember that you are a gift of God
Dreamt, created, welcomed, kissed and loved
Remember that you are a being of light
Shining in the quietly humming night

Nothing in this world is as it seems
We awake to find we live inside your dreams
Humans, forests, planets and beyond
The lightly dancing thread of your sweet song

Kyrie, kyrie, kyrie eleison
Kyrie, kyrie, kyrie
(Lord have mercy)

In our mortal maze we stand alone
Forgetting for a moment our way home
But we are the earth, the moon, the stars, the sun
We are many, we are special, we are one

Air and water, metal, earth and fire
Beyond the astral realms and even higher
Angels of the valleys, towers and oceans
Cherubic and seraphic devotion

Every living atom is connected
Even that which has not been detected
Every candle lit reveals creation
Each awareness helps to bring illumination

Oh my darling child I see your essence
I see your aura green and gold
Golden as the honey of the heavens
Every story must be told
Oh my darling one I am beside you
Every hour of every day
Tender is this beating heart to guide you
I will always light your way

One is love and love is one vibration
One is joy and joy begets creation
One hundred million fires inside the sun
One is who we are and we are one

O Great Spirit, We are one