We havn't lost the world

by from the album [ Gospel of Love ]
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We havn’t lost the world

I blow a kiss to the moon She’s newly imaginable And I blow a kiss to you We keep a distance and now it’s fashionable

My young love you seemed older than me But we were just two buds on the wisdom tree We havn’t lost the world my love We havn’t lost immortality

Peace be with you all of your days I love you in so many ways We used to tell each other that we were both so small I miss the calligraphy of your left-handed scrawl

I grieved the loss, yeah, yeah, I’m getting it But I havn’t yet grieved accepting it ‘Cos when I do that’s the end of it So instead of feeling it I write a song, write a song, write a song, write a song…

Heal me, Jesus God give me strength I can’t reach you alone I need your help

You think we’ve lost the world But we’ve only lost our illusion of the world The sun still shines, and the moon still sings God is present in everything

I look around me and I see so much fear What kind of a world do we have here? I wonder about some things… What is it, really, that makes your heart sing?

Dear God, help me to trust you more Help me to let go of all my fears Help me to love you…

Did you just covet my cash?! Did I just covet your ox and your ass?! We had a whole other thing going Beyond the midnight mass

So you are asleep in your bed And I turn out the light next to mine…

We havn’t lost the world It lives inside a pearl The pearl that was the moon The moon that sang to the sea The song of the free, of the free, of the free…

The song of you and me

Gospel of Love, We havn't lost the world