Wedding day

by from the album [ Grail Songs ]
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Wedding day

On this day
I do thee adorn
On this day
I am in thee born

To give my whole heart
To give my whole life
To take thy love
As my wedded wife

I had a heart
That was roughly torn
But it led me to thee
My light in the storm

Do I honour thee?
I say: “I do.”
Do I take thee?
I say: “Gladly.”
Do I respect thee?
“Nought but thee.”
And do I love thee?
I say: “Madly.”

I had a way
And I had a time
I had a universe
And now it is thine

I pledge my truth
I pledge my soul
I offer them to thee
As the bell tolls

And now I go down
On bended knee
I lay myself down
Before thee

That I could be God
That I could see God
Except through thee, God
Except through thee

I had a baby
Who lay unborn
Except through thee
Now shalt she be born

Wedding day
Blessed day
Sacred day
Perfect day

I have no need
Of the ways of the world
When I walk with thee
I help thee
Carry the weight of the world

’Tis given in love
’Tis given in grace
My pledge to thee
On this, our wedding day

Grail Songs, Wedding day