When she loved me

by from the album [ Sirius ]
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When she loved me

There’s a bird in my hands
I rescued her
Another day, another night
To be thankful for

There’s a heart with wings
Way above me
There’s a mail that I keep
From when she loved me

When she loved me
I could feel the truth about God
The secrets and the mysteries of creation
Were revealed to me

But the trick is
Can I do it when she doesn’t care?
That’s the acid test
That’s when I find out if I’ve broken free
Broken free…

I’ve seen a baby come into this world
And I’ve seen a man die
Both things were more immense
Than I could ever quantify

And I had a vision of the Christ
Which still undoes me
That’s what it felt like
When she loved me

When she loved me
I learned how to feel pain and joy
Things that would have passed me by
When I was more thick-skinned

Now I feel everything
God’s passion in a petal and a storm
Thrown together and pulled apart for a reason
Fatefully twinned…

God was present when we met
And when she left
Angels watched her walk away
And they protected her

But I know I’m loved as well
In the higher plan
Isn’t it amazing that I see who she is
And she sees who I am?

Ah, when she loved me
I finally felt good about myself
Because it was HER who saw me
Not anyone else

That’s a hard act to follow
But I figure she had to stop caring
So I could feel good about myself in God’s love
That’s quite some sacrifice

There’s a bird in my hands
I take her to the sill
Jesus made her out of clay
I think she’s healed

Fly, my darling one
You rescued me
I had a blessed day and night
When you loved me

Sirius, When she loved me