When we sleep

by from the album [ The Blessing & The Bliss ]
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When we sleep

When we sleep
You are there in us
And when we dream
You remember us
And when we wake
We forget the moon
And when we leave
We return to you
When we sleep

You give us light
You give us light to see
You give us air
You give us air to breathe
You give us life
You give us life to live
You give us song
You give us sing to sing
You give us everything
When we sleep

And when we fall
We fall in love with you
And when we know
We know who we Be
And when we kiss
We reveal our truth
And when we live
It is not I but Thee

At the end of times
You will gather our lives
Our golden thread
Your willing sacrifice
We shall live to see
Our spirit body rise
Our immortal soul
In your paradise
When we sleep

The Blessing & The Bliss, When we sleep