You and only you

by from the album [ Sirius ]
1 minute read

You and only you

Love me like a flower
Hold me like you already knew
Kill me like your saviour
I would do the same for you

I picked a rose for your pleasure
Don’t wipe away the drop of blood
Dissolve my will in sulphur
Glorify me with your love

I have chosen you
A thousand times before
And I would choose you
A thousand times more

Have robbed me of all that’s true
And still it’s you and only you

Dress my wounds with your kisses
I can tell when you are near
My eyes plucked out by ravens
O bless me with your tears

Smile at me in the morning
You found a place for me to sleep
I’m forever grateful for your warning
It’s a secret I can keep

You sang your song to me
Before I was born
A different star, a different sun
A different dawn

I saw your tomb
I saw you pregnant in the moon
It’s you and only you

So take my hand in your hand
First my flesh and then my soul
You know just how to break me
And how to make me whole

Lose my love or your salvation?
That’s a promise made in hell
It’s such an ugly situation
And I know you must not tell

Only you could give me
That kind of pain
That kind of love That kind of death
That kind of gain

Only you could take your blade
And run me through
You and only you

Sirius, You and only you